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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Fully Sorted Linux?

I have recently been checking ot Ubuntu, which I have read some good things about. I partitioned my hard drive a couple of years ago, with the express purpose of setting up a triple-boot 98SE/2000orXP/Linux. But I haven't had the money to buy XP, and I haven't been really happy with the Linux versions I have seen (and many, such a Red Hat, aren't truely free).

But Ubantu seems to be a fully worked-out, well integrated, user friendly desktop enviroment.
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back at TDB. I frequently mused about Sgt. Mom's references to her "VEV". Well, it took a while, but I learned that "VEV" was a reference to her "Very Elderly Volvo."

Well, now it seems I have my own "VEV" - a 1986 740 Turbo Wagon.

And it has 224K miles on it. And for most cars, that would be a ticket to the junk yard. But, for a Volvo...

But still, a quarter-million miles is a quarter-million miles. And time has it's toll.

But, please follow me, as I resurrect this VEV, and prepare it for it's next 1/4 million miles.

Of first concern just now is the timing belt. IIRC, Volvo recommends a 45K replacement on the B230 motor. And it's an "interference" design, so a jumped timing belt means a lunched engine.

Past that, it has LOTS of niggling electrical maladies - bad connections and grounds mostly, I'm sure. Most annoying among these is that the engine occasionally won't start. But the left rear speaker hums when the headlights are on, and the speedometer blips up to ten or twenty MPH, while the car is sitting still.
Sunday, June 25, 2006
For Once, I Agree With Joe Klein:

Harold Ford (D-TN) will be the first Black American Senator elected out of the South.
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Entertainment Trivia For 6/22/06:

Ok, here's an easy one:

As one of America's favorite sit-com dads, in this series, his side-kick was named "O'Casey", and played by this guy, and this guy. But, earlier, in this film-noir classic, his contragonist was named "Keyes", and played by this superstar,

The Answer:

The Series: My Three Sons
The Actor: Fred MacMurray
Side Kick #1: William Frawley, as Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey (1960-1965)
Side Kick #2: William Demarest, as "Uncle" Charley O'Casey (1965-1972)
The Classic Film: Double Imdemnity, with MacMurray as Walter Neff
The Superstar: Edward G. Robinson, as Barton Keyes

A More Challenging Trivia Question: Just How Many Times Did MacMurray say "Keyes" in Double Indemnity?
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