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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
May Day, 2006: Let me just go on record here as noting this as the day the tables tipped against Islamofascism.

How, exactly, I divined this prophecy, will have to wait for another day, as I am about to turn-in. But, mark my words: today is the tipping point.
I had accidentally deleted this post last evening. But, fortunately, I still had the copy cached, which explains while the date no longer reads May 1st.
One day it will all be over, and everyone will forget that this was the moment, this was when it turned. And it wasn't the mighty fleet, it wasn't some fancy new weapon; it was a drill instructor named Zim who captured a brain.

What, you didn't hear about it?
I hope you are right. Actually, I hope that it was actually in 1993 and we will someday find out that Bill Clinton had an active, successful campaign against the terrorists that needed to be kept secret for some reason. Good luck on your new blog. I will be stopping in daily.
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