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Sunday, July 30, 2006
I Googled This Term Just For Her:

Well, hardly. But I did have to use Google to get the spelling right - it's been a long time since I used it.

I've just watched another episode of the recent redo of The Twilight Zone - Time Lapse: Dead Man's Eyes (2002), which starred Portia de Rossi, whom you might know from Ally McBeal or Arrested Development. Well, I Googled her name a couple of commercials ago, just to see what was happening in her career lately, and was somewhat surprised to find that, unlike so many "hot" twenty-something actresses these days, there were no popular sites boasting "see nude pics of Portia de Rossi."

Well, not that I wouldn't mind seeing Portia nude. I mean, she's quite fit and well proportioned. But compared to, say, the women of the Brazilian soccer team, she's hardly an object of lust in that regard. Yet, she has to be one of the most beautiful women to grace the small screen in recent years.

To what can we attribute this? Well, the face is certainly lovely, but that can be said of dozens of other starlets popular today. And the hair is truly magnificent - but that isn't it.

No, objectively measured, her beauty is quite average - at least as great beauties go. But it's the way she wears her beauty - that je ne sais quoi - that total comfort with it, and modesty about it - exploiting it without flaunting it. Bacall had (no, has) it - so does Kathleen Turner. Neither of these women. as well as Portia, can be called transcendent beauties, in the same pantheon as, say, Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor. Yet, we men are all irresistibly drawn to them.

Why, you ask? It's all in that je ne sais quoi.

Update: Oops... A reader emails me that Portia is actually 33 now. But, no matter, she's still quite hot, still has that je ne sais quoi, and - like Bacall and Turner - likely will for some years to come.

Update 2: Another reader emailed me this link to some photos/videos.
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