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Friday, July 28, 2006
Is Liz Taylor The Most Beautiful Screen Goddess, Or What?

Well, let me preface this by stipulating that the age of the Screen Goddess ran out with Faye Dunaway. There was some talk of it coming back with Michelle Pfeiffer, but it didn't happen. So there's no sense in throwing Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie into the mix here; it's a 'ol 'nother league - like comparing contemporary MLB pitchers to Cy Young.

But, I have just tuned away from The Sandpiper on TCM; after 35 minutes. I just couldn't take it any more - total dreck. What a come-down it must have been for Liz - after Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and Butterfield 8. It just reeked.

But, one thing's for sure: Liz was as stunning as, if not more so than, she was in Ivanhoe. Back in the '60s, she was a bit dated for my pre-pubescent fantasies, which tended to run more towards Shelley Fabares, Natalie Wood, or Barbara Eden (Wood and Eden are, in fact, only slightly younger than Taylor. But they seemed much more so at the time.). But now, with the reflection of maturity, I have to say, Liz was really in a league of her own.

I think it's all in the eyes.

BTW: I know history says it's Hedy Lamarr - whom I also adore. But I beg to differ.
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