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Monday, August 14, 2006
NASCAR Road Racing:

I haven't been following NASCAR for some years now. Hell, really for some decades. I sort of lost interest after Chrysler won the aerodynamics war against Ford, all the manufacturers dropped out, and the France family decided the cars were going too fast for current chassis and tire technology (although, despite limitations, they go faster now). You see, I've always been partial to cars and drivers (with apologies to Jeff Gordon) meant to turn both directions.

But I caught a bit of the Nextel Cup race at Watkins Glen on Sunday. And I have to say, it really wasn't THAT bad. I mean, it wasn't like watching them race at Sears Point... that is a total comedy! I mean, Sears Point is a real driver's track - tight and unforgiving (particularly with the infield leg, which NASCAR doesn't use) - well given to light monopostos; it's really too tight even for LMP cars. Watching NASCAR Nextel Cup cars on that track is a joke.

But Watkins Glen is another story: It's wide, with subtle, well banked curves, and lots of run-out space. It's really like an oval with a couple of kinks in it. (Actually, for the drivers, it's better - make a mistake at Talladega or even Phoenix, and you best give thanks to Bill Simpson.) It is likely great fun for the drivers. But still, you get the definite feeling that these cars, and (largely) their drivers, are out of their element.

NASCAR should just stick to ovals.
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