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Thursday, January 11, 2007

As some of you know, I've been offline for about a month now, save for occasionally checking my email at the college. I'm now back - kinda'-sorta'.

I've just put together a Core 2 Duo - based machine. And it's pretty great. But getting my old Windows 98SE to run on it has been pretty dicey. But I have here an evaluation copy of Windows XP Pro x64 (a sort of pre-Vista), and I will be putting that up over the weekend. I'm hoping it runs better. I also intend to put up Mandriva (a Linux system) shortly.

I've also switched from Earthlink to Verizon. They are far cheaper. And, IMHO, Earthlink's much-vaunted customer service has gone to hell, since they out-sourced to India. So, my old tshrike@earthlink.net email addy is defunct.

As well, Verizon is putting in fiber optic service in my neighborhood soon. When that happens, I will be seriously considering bundling my Internet access with TV and telephone service.

In any event, I have to have the machine running nicely by start of spring semester. I am taking C++ programming and SQL, as well as chemistry, and a couple of PE courses.

As for blogging, I intend to continue posting occasionally at WestPundit, while I wait for a good team-blog gig. But it has to be the right gig; I just passed up a paying position at a rather well-funded start-up. Because, even though the editor assured I would have full freedom over what I wished to publish, the fact that one third of the links on their prototype blog were to sites focused on what was wrong with Fox News Channel, I didn't think it would be a good fit.
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